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Azores Sustainable Tourism Destination

The Azores is the first archipelago in the world to win the certification of "Sustainable Tourism Destination" under the "EarthCheck Sustainable Destination Program"

About EarthCheck Sustainable Destinations

EarthCheck Sustainable Destination’s certification gives travellers the confidence that certified destinations are backed by a commitment to sustainable, high-quality tourism experiences.

Their rigorous science-backed, people-focused certification process has been taken on by the world’s most visited and loved destinations for over three decades.

EarthCheck’s sustainability experts work with their clients to:

  • Create their destination’s sustainability authority

  • Establish their Environmental, Cultural, Social, and Economic Sustainability Policy

  • Benchmark their destination

  • Certify their destination

  • Audit and promote their certification level annually

It means the destination and its stakeholders have a defined, actionable pathway to gaining and maintaining its sustainability certification.

But most importantly EarthCheck Sustainable Destinations can actively demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional, sustainable travel experiences.

What does it mean for the Azores Archipelago

Tourism in the Azores archipelago is growing but tourism often has an impact on the economic expansion of a country, resulting in the construction of larger hotels and facilities. More economic activities and more large scale production.

When you visit the Azores, the first thing you will see are the small scale and very authentic economic activities on the islands. From tea to coffee plantations, winemakers to cheese and pineapple producers.

There are only a small number of some larger hotels in Ponta Delgada which is the economic hart and hub for the Azores, but on all the other islands, no large hotels are present. All facilities are small scale giving the individual tourist that one-off experience which is so much appreciated. Add on top of that the fantastic Portuguese hospitality and friendness and you will certainly come back to explore for more.

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