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  • Can we have a zoom meeting or chat before we book?
    Yes, During the enquiry and booking process, we want to make sure that your sailing holiday will meet your expectation and you feel comfortable. Once you show interest in our offer, we will arrange a zoom meeting to answer all your questions and concerns. We will plan this meeting or chat on a moment which is the best time for you. To plan a zoom meeting, just follow this link to our registration page
  • Can you advise us on flights, hotels, rental cars etc?
    Yes, we do During our zoom or chat meeting, we can work out for you a program which suits your needs and interest. From rental cars, hotels or RB&B, flights, where to eat etc Once all the participants are known, generally a few weeks before departure, we will set-up a group zoom meeting to greet each other and to discuss eventual common programs or itinerary
  • Here is the planning for 2023
    The Azores Sailing Holidays start Beginning July until the last week of September. We have 6 day charters and 10 days charter The 6 days charter starts and arrives in Horta on the Island of Faial and we sail the Central Islands The 10 day charter starts in either in Horta or Ponta Delgada and includes, next to the visit of the Central Islands, also a one way passage to or from Ponta Delgada on San Miguel. We sail this 85 Nm passage between the Central Islands and San Miguel in around 15 hours. During this 10 days sailing holiday, we also sail along the coast of San Miguel Bare in mind sailing is very dependent on weather conditions which are on most instances very stable during the summer period. The final itinerary for each sailing holiday will be decided in the beginning of the holiday During the Sailing Holidays, we plan for each day sailing, another day to explore the islands
  • How much does a cabin charter cost and what is included?
    We offer 6 days/7 nights charter in the Central Azores and 10 days/11 nights charter in the Central and Eastern Group of Islands. The Cost: Single booking: 195 Euro/day. +25 % for your own cabin. Double booking sharing a cabin: 365 Euro/day Full ship charter (max 5 people): 720 Euro/day What is Included? - Full breakfast - cereals - fruit - coffee - thee - Light lunch when sailing - salad - fruit - wraps - Marina fees - Diesel Consumption - Duvets and Sheets - Personal safety gear - life jackets - Welcome drink in a local bar
  • The prices for restaurants and bars
    The Azores are part of Portugal and compared to other Eu countries, prices are much lower. Based on the prices of 2022 here some examples: - expresso : 1 Euro - G&T: 6 to 9 Euros - lunch: between 10 and 15 Euro - Dinner: between 20 and 30 Euro
  • Payments and Commercial conditions
    We accept payments in Euro, Pound Sterling and US Dollar After confirmation of your booking, you will receive a tax invoice for the deposit The deposit is 40 % of the booking price Balance of the payment is due 8 weeks before departure
  • How much are the flight costs between the islands?
    Azores Airlines has frequent daily flights to the different islands. Those are all short flights. The main airport is Ponta Delgada where most international flights arrive. But if you fly through Lisbon airport, you can also have direct flights to the other islands. The flights between the islands are around 100 Euro/person for a non-terurn flight. As the Azores are becoming more and more popular, booking in advance is recommended.
  • Do I need any sailing or boating experience
    The answer is No. The yacht can be sailed single handed by the skipper. The 6 days sailing holiday are the best offer for participants without any boating experience. We may ask some assistance during mooring in a marina but what and how to do will be explained once you are on board. Important is that you are in good fysical conditioning. Not only for the sailing but also when you explore the islands. The 10 day sailing holiday includes a long day passage ad therefore we recommend participants to have already some boating experience. We will leave very early in the morning and arrive in late in the evening. But as you will see a sunrise and a sunset during the passage, it is ideal to take some stunning pictures. Even without any sailing experience, the moment you take the helm (assisted by the skipper), we see the ear to ear smiles when you show off 😊
  • Is it Active or Passive Sailing?
    We promote an active participation in the sailing activities. Of course you may decide just to sit and enjoy but we expect eveybody to participate in the daily activities like preparing food, dish washing and cleaning. But we would be happy to see you behind the helm, helping with the sail setting etc. Interested in navigation and more? No problem. We are there to teach you and to answer any questions.
  • What about safety?
    Our yacht is fully equiped with checked safety equipment: liferaft, flares, VHF radio, Iridium Sat Phone, AIS (Automatic Identification System) etc. Before we leave the marina, we will give you a full safety check and a boat tour, what to look after, how we organise cooking etc. Safety is an important element during the sailing holiday and weather conditions will determine our itinerary. Of course, it is also important that you take care of your own clothing: a good protection against UV: hat, sun glasses and protecting your skin against the sun and drying out. Although the Azores have a very mild climate, a daily and occasional shower is normal. Some light rain protection is needed. In case it is not safe to sail, we will stay in the marina. There is never a discussion about that.
  • Will I get Seasick?
    Seasickness is often caused by the following elements: - uncertainty and fear - wrong food - empty stumach - to much coffee, thee - to much alcohol (the evening before 😉) Of course, most of that is in your hands but we will make sure you feel safe and comfortable. If you are sensitive to sea sickness, we make our special fresh ginger thee which is ideal to calm down your stomach. If you have never sailed before, we advice to book the 6 day itinerary. All the Central Islands are within sight and that will take away eventual fear or uncertainty.
  • I have special food requests
    No problem Most of our clients have special food requests: from lactose or gluten intollerances to vegan etc. At the moment of booking, you will receive a list what to bring with you and here you can also indicate special food requests. Most supermarkets have a nice selection of vegan, gluten and lactose free products. Also restaurants are quite flexible in their offer. The first day, we do our purchase and we always promote you to come with us shopping so you can make your own selection of food.
  • Do we cook on board?
    Included is breakfast and lunch when we sail. As the offer of fresh ingredients is widely available, we focus on fresh and tasty food. Yes, we can make a full breakfast but we ask all participants help during the preparation and doing the dishes. When sailing, we make light lunches like salads, wraps, smoothies etc. We love to cook for dinner but only when all the participants agree to stay on board for dinner. Shopping and purchase is based on shared costs.
  • How About Alcohol and Other Drinks
    Soft drinks, water, coffee, thee are included in the charter price. Alcoholic drinks are not available when sailing. In the marina and at anchor, alcoholic drinks can be consumed in a modest way. It is common after a day sailing, we chill on deck having an aperitive and some snacks.
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