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The Azores is a archipelago of 9 islands in the West Atlantic Ocean. Our Sailing Holidays are organised in the Central and Eastern Group of Islands. 
We have 6 day and 10 day sailing holiday packages. The 6 day packages covers the Central Islands with departure and arrival in Horta on the Island of Faial. 
The 10 day sailing holiday packages cover the Central and Eastern Islands and depart/arrive either in Horta or Ponta Delgada

Pico Island

With a hight of 2350 meter, vulcanic Mount Pico is the highest mountain of the Azores and a landmark when sailing in the Central Azores peninsula.


Historicly, Pico was the centre of whale hunting and whale processing industry which was abolished in 1986. 

Today, there are a large number of vinyards. They produce very tasty wines. Visiting the wine and whale museum is worth a detour.


With proper hiking gear, climbing Mount Pico is a fantastic experience. You need around 8 hours to go up and come down. A guided tour is to be recommended



The Marina of Horta on Faial is the first stop after crossing the Atlantic Ocean coming from the Americas. 
Next to the marina is the world famous Café Sport Peters' Café. And also famous are the drawings on the walls and floor of the marina

Faial is our start and finish when booking a 6 day Sailing Holiday visiting the Central Islands. From Faial you have regular short flights to Ponta Delgada which is the biggest island of the Azores and also the main travel hub. Most clients spent before or after the sailing holidays some extra days visiting the Island of San Miguel

As the Island of Pico has not a marina which can take our yacht, a short ferry passage can take you to Pico Island.

Săo Jorge


São Jorge has some of the most dramatic landscapes of the Azores.
This central island is home to rugged cliffs, stunning mountain peaks, and distinctive coastal fajãs (plains created by lava and landslides).


Alongside beautiful nature, São Jorge hosts a thriving agricultural sector. Next to the produce of bananas and coffee, they produce the famous Queijo São Jorge, a fantastic and very tasty cheese.

We moore in the marina of Velas which is a perfect place to start exploring the island. Not to miss are the evenings  when the Cory's Sheerwater return back to their nests on the steep cliffs next to the marina. They have one of the weirdest bird sounds in the world